Bring CampusSafe to your campus

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Make it your own

Branded for your campus

The base CampusSafe app will be customized with your colors, images, and logo. This will easily identify your app to your users, and ensure that they realize the message is coming directly from you.

Integrated with your information

Easy access to your Campus Safety phone numbers, web links, services, and even tweets are all available to your users. Parents can also download the app and utilize the Inform feature.

Connected for your users

CampusSafe will be integrated directly with your university's user authentication service. Users wont have to sign up for a new account or service, easing user adoption while keeping a user's data safe with the university.

Open to your requests

Have an idea for a feature or capability specific to your campus? The CampusSafe team will work with you to integrate into your campus app.

User isn't signed in


Physical bluelights allow anyone to press them, and while that may be beneficial in some instances, it lacks accountability and has been known to be abused. CampusSafe mitigates this by requiring a user to sign in with their university credentials before using the Report or Assist features. This means that even in the event of a no-talk report, Campus Safety will be able to follow up with the person to ensure accountability.

CampusSafe also compares a user's location with a preset campus geofence. If the user is found to be off-campus, they are informed, and may not submit a report. This eliminates calls of service outside of the Campus Safety jurisdiction, while remaining transparent to the users.

User is off-campus


Unlike most dispatch and reporting software, the CampusSafe Dispatcher Dashboard requires almost no training to get up and running. A brief 20 second walkthrough is all that is needed to start using it.


All CampusSafe communications run on HTTPS SSL connections provided by the Google App Engine infrastructure. A user's contact details are never stored on the CampusCloud until a report is submitted.

No Installation

Forget extra servers, more network infrastructure, and telephony hardware, all data reported and monitored by CampusSafe™ goes through the CampusCloud™. The only thing required to host the CampusSafe Dispatcher Dashboard is an Internet connected computer running the Google Chrome browser. This eliminates expensive installation and maintenance costs, and turns any computer into a dispatch terminal.


The CampusSafe Dispatcher Dashboard™ opens up new opportunities for a more efficient and responsive dispatch. The Dashboard is optimized for desktop, tablet, and smartphone form-factors. This allows patrol officers in the field with a tablet in their patrol car, or a smartphone in their pocket to view the relevant information, including the report's location, for them to respond quickly and accurately. All instances of the Dispatcher Dashboard are also synchronized, meaning that any change made from any instance will be reflected immediately on every other active instance. This eliminates confusion and redundancy in dispatch.

The Process


Contact Us

The best way to learn more about CampusSafe is to hear it straight from us. Ask us questions about the app itself or about the process of bring CampusSafe to your campus. We'd love to hear them!

Email Us


The CampusSafe team will work with you to customize the CampusSafe core app to the specifics of your campus. Your app will include your campus's emergency, geographical, and student information systems. Your app will also be branded with your campus's colors, logos, and other imagery and we will work with you to implement custom features and requests.



Once your CampusSafe app has been customized, the CampusSafe team will work with your campus to ensure a smooth and easy deployment. Though no training is required, we will ensure that Public Safety officers and dispatchers are well versed and comfortable with the product.

Questions for Administrators

Does CampusSafe work with my existing software and technologies?

Since CampusSafe is a cloud-based service accessed from a web browser, it is easy to integrate into current dispatcher work-flows. There is no on-site installation, and the only requirement for use is functioning Google Chrome browser.

Does CampusSafe require training for dispatchers and patrol officers?

Given its simplicity and intuitive nature, the Dispatcher Dashboard requires little to no training of anyone familiar with a web browser.

How does CampusSafe handle data security?

CampusSafe runs all data communications to and from its Cloud storage over HTTPS on top of an SSL certificate. This ensures that any personal information will be transferred safely and securely. CampusSafe also offers scheduled database backups that allow a Public Safety organization to received a monthly or weekly backup of their report log.

Can I view the CampusSafe dashboard on any device?

The CampusSafe Dispatcher Dashboard is built on modern HTML5 responsive practices, and is viewable on any Internet connected device. On a computer in dispatch, a tablet in a patrol car, or a smartphone viewed by a patrol officer, users can view and resolve reports from any device.